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Pre Shipment

Export consultancy service – the “ how to” of exporting including:

  • Freight services, options , logistics
  • Tariffs and regulations
  • Methods of payment and terms of supply
  • Insurance
  • Costings
  • Bookings and rate negotiations for all export shipments
  • Vessel schedules/ timetables
  • Ordering and placement of equipment eg containers, necessary for load out
  • Warehouse and Distribution service, including inventory control, packing and loading for shipment
  • Quarantine and fumigation services
  • Examination of “letters of credit” for compliance

Post Shipment

Full E.D.I Customs export clearance including:

  • Compliance with regulatory authorities for issuance of permits, certificates etc
  • Compilation of export documentation including bills of lading, airway bills, commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, insurance certificates etc
  • Monitoring freight movements including track and trace.
  • Overseas Customs clearance and delivery “to door” as required
  • Transmittal of documentation to banks, buyers, agents etc.

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Pre Shipment

Import consultancy service – The “ how to” of importing including:

  • Customs tariff classifications, duties and duty concessions
  • Freight methods, options and rates
  • Methods of payment and terms of supply
  • Pre costings
  • Insurance
  • Freight bookings and rate negotiations
  • Liaison with overseas suppliers and agents to attend to pick ups, and export formalities for consignments “ex door”

Post Shipment

Full E.D.I. Customs import clearance including:

  • Classification of the cargo
  • Valuation of the cargo
  • Liability for duty/taxes
  • Track and trace services
  • Container monitoring
  • Liaison with international carriers in order to effect release and payment of charges for the cargo in their care
  • Attendance to deliveries ex wharf/airport
  • Costings

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Customs Brokers

  • Examine all import documentation to ensure all relevant information is available to comply with the Customs & Excise Act 2018
  • Prepare import documentation as required by the Customs & Excise Act 2018 to obtain Customs Delivery
  • Consider all relevant material in order to determine Tariff classification
  • Arrange for all relevant import permits to be obtained
  • Arrange for Quarantine clearance of import goods
  • Attend to Quarantine treatments as directed
  • Apply for duty concessions as required and liaise with Ministry of Commerce
  • Attend to examination of cargoes as required by NZ Customs Service
  • Attend to examination of cargoes as required by Insurers or Shipping Companies
  • Lodge pro-forma and value claims as required in respect of damaged or lost cargo
  • Lodge Bills of Lading with Shipping Companies / Forwarders to obtain delivery
  • Attend to payment of freight, port and terminal charges
  • Arrange for letters of indemnity as required in the absence of Bills of Lading
  • Advise in respect of shipping timetables and services available
  • Co-ordinate and liaise with transport operators to ensure the timely and efficient on carriage of cargoes to site
  • Attend to freight movements as required from overseas including liaison with shipping lines, air lines and forwarders

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